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SINO BRIGHT EXCEED machine vision defect detection solution

SINO BRIGHT EXCEED machine vision defect detection solution Product defect detection is an important application branch of machine vision, which can replace manual inspection to complete product defect identification, control product quality, reduce labor costs, and improve machine flexibility and intelligence level. 1. Overview of machine vision defect detection solution. Machine vision defect detection is a non-contact and non-destructive automatic detection technology, which is an effective means to achieve equipment automation, digitization, and intelligence. In industrial production, a machine vision defect detection system obtains the surface image of a product using an appropriate light source and image sensor, extracts the feature information from the image using corresponding image processing algorithms, and then performs discrimination such as surface defect location, recognition, grading based on the feature information. Finally, corresponding actions are taken based on the detection results. The SINO BRIGHT EXCEED technical team has rich experience in visual inspection projects and deep technical expertise, and can provide customers with a comprehensive machine vision defect detection solution from hardware to software. The main functions of the SINO BRIGHT EXCEED machine vision defect detection system include defect detection, recognition and classification, statistics and analysis, and real-time monitoring. 1.1 Product surface defect detection The visual defect detection system takes photos of the product surface and analyzes the images using machine vision technology to detect whether there are defects such as scratches, dents, bubbles, color differences, impurities, etc. on the surface of the product. 1.2 Size and shape detection The visual defect detection system can measure the dimensions of products using image processing algorithms, including length, width, height, diameter, etc., and then determine whether they meet the specification requirements. 1.3 Defect recognition and classification The visual defect detection system can recognize different types of defects and classify them based on their characteristics. It helps to identify the root cause of the problem during the production process and take corresponding measures to improve product quality. 1.4 Defect statistics and data analysis The visual defect detection system can statistically analyze the number and types of defects during the production process, and calculate the yield and defect rate of products. The data collected is important for enterprises to analyze and improve their production processes. 1.5 Real time monitoring The visual defect detection system can monitor the production process in real time, identify and address issues promptly, avoid large-scale quality problems, and effectively manage risks. 2. Cases of SINO BRIGHT EXCEED machine vision defect detection The AOI appearance inspection machine is an intelligent solution for product appearance inspection, which perfectly combines machine vision appearance inspection technology and automation equipment. It can cover all surfaces that need to be detected on the product, effectively replacing the traditional manual visual inspection method and automatically completing the tasks of product appearance inspection, defect identification, data collection, etc. Based on deep learning, the visual inspection system can effectively identify more than 80 types of appearance defects, including scratches, wrinkles, damages, dirt, foreign objects, missing corners, convex and concave points, and missing patterns, achieving comprehensive control of product appearance quality. The AOI appearance inspection machine can achieve online defect detection, on-line analysis of defective items, and data collection and statistics of product defects. It helps enterprises prevent product defects from their source. The appearance inspection machine has the advantages of accurate detection results, wide visible range, and fast detection speed, which can effectively reduce labor costs and improve intelligence levels. Effectively identify multiple appearance defects with a wide visible range. Detect items on all product surfaces with accurate results. Easy to replace the version with convenient maintenance and applicable to multiple product specifications. Fully automatic operation without downtime for abnormal discharge, with high production efficiency. Fully intelligent management with real-time feedback of production information.

SINO BRIGHT EXCEED Overall solution for post-packaging automation

Overall solution for post-packaging automation The solution includes functional modules such as carton forming, automatic packaging, online weighing, labeling and taping, automatic sealing, corner sealing, packaging, palletizing, online film wrapping, automatic stacking, and automatic feeding, etc. It can connect to AGV to complete intelligent material transportation and achieve fully automated production, effectively saving labor and realizing production digitization, informationization, and intelligence. process flow Product advantages Modular Each functional module can be personalized and customized, freely combined and matched, and the module can be replaced and upgraded adaptively to meet different production mode requirements. The layout of the production line can be customized to adapt to different sites. Flexibility Each module adopts adjustable design, which is convenient for versioning and can be applied to the production of various specifications of products. It can quickly respond to market demand and enhance market competitiveness. Automation The entire production process is automated, which is easy to maintain and simple to operate. It effectively saves labor costs, ensures product consistency and quality, and improves production efficiency. Intelligence Humanized intelligent interface control allows real-time monitoring of equipment status and various production process data. It can connect to other equipment and systems for collaborative operation, timely warning, intelligent diagnosis, and reducing losses and risks.

Tech Sharing | SINO BRIGHT EXCEED Machine Vision Solution Helps Factories Achieve Intelligent Upgrade

SINO BRIGHT EXCEED Machine Vision Solution Helps Factories Achieve Intelligent Upgrade With the continuous advancement of technology, machine vision technology is becoming a new engine for factory intelligence transformation. This article will reveal how machine vision can help factories achieve intelligent transformation and upgrade, significantly improve production efficiency, and achieve equipment flexibility. 1. Machine Vision Overview Machine vision is a rapidly developing branch of artificial intelligence that simulates human visual functions for recognition and judgment, greatly improving the flexibility and automation level of production and manufacturing. A typical machine vision system includes components such as light source, lens, camera, image capture card, image processing software, control system, and actuators. 2. Basic Functions Machine vision can achieve basic functions including positioning, detection, recognition, measurement and other functions. 2.1 Positioning The positioning function in machine vision is to analyze and process the feature points in the image to achieve spatial localization of the target object, and then guide the actuator to perform corresponding movements at the corresponding points. 2.2 Detection Machine vision detection function refers to obtaining the appearance information of the target object from the image, extracting the characteristics of defects, and then monitoring and identifying surface defects, blemishes, scratches, and other non-standard or abnormal conditions of the product. 2.3 Recognition Machine vision recognition function refers to analyzing the features in the image, such as text, shape, color, etc., to identify the category of the target object. 2.4 Measurement Machine vision measurement function refers to analyzing pixel information in the image, combining known camera parameters and calibration information, to calculate the actual size and spatial position of the target object. 3. Technical advantages Machine vision has many advantages that make it a valuable tool for modern industrial production and quality control.   3.1 Safety and Reliability Machine vision’s non-contact detection method can avoid secondary damage to the target object and improve the reliability of product testing. Machine vision can be widely used in long-time harsh working environments. 3.2 High Precision Equipped with precision instruments and high-precision image processing algorithms, machine vision systems can detect and identify objects with high precision, able to detect tiny defects and errors. 3.3 Fast Speed Machine vision systems are usually equipped with high-speed processors and optimized algorithms that can quickly process and analyze image information. 3.4 Reproducibility Machine vision systems can perform repeatable tasks according to preset programs and rules, which are not affected by emotions and fatigue, thereby improving work efficiency and accuracy. 3.5 Controllability Machine vision can exclude the interference of subjective factors of people and quantitatively describe the detection indicators, which is more objective. At the same time, it can quickly obtain a large amount of information, facilitate statistics and analysis, and easily achieve information integration. 3.6 Cost Effectiveness The cost of machine vision systems is gradually decreasing, while significantly improving production efficiency and reducing labor costs. Therefore, in some application areas, they have obvious cost-effectiveness advantages. 4. SINO BRIGHT EXCEED Machine Vision Solution SINO BRIGHT EXCEED actively invests in the application of machine vision field, establishes a machine vision laboratory, and conducts high-level basic and applied research in technical fields such as visual guidance positioning, inspection, measurement, OCR recognition, and other fields to improve the flexibility and intelligence level of equipment.     After multiple projects and technical challenges, SINO BRIGHT EXCEED has accumulated a large number of mature cases in the field of machine vision-related technologies. Our independently developed robot debugging function module can be integrated into the visual software, enabling direct debugging of robot movements within the visual software, replacing manual debugging, and providing convenient operation. The integration and fusion of visual software and robot debugging have greatly improved the efficiency of visual and robot cooperation debugging and reduced development costs.            The self-adaptive measurement and positioning function module can self-adaptively measure and locate materials of different shapes and sizes. It directly guides the execution mechanism to perform matching actions based on different material information without secondary programming, greatly improving the compatibility and production efficiency of the machine for various materials and achieving flexible production.            Visual dynamic positioning technology can guide various robotic arms to complete dynamic grasping and placement actions without stopping the production line, greatly improving the efficiency of machine operation.     The developed AOI appearance inspection equipment can replace manual visual inspection methods and automatically identify more than 80 types of appearance defects, greatly improving product inspection efficiency and reducing labor costs.            The comprehensive application of machine vision has added a new impetus to the intelligent transformation of factories.